Huasheng (Shenzhen) Electronic Co., Ltd.

Huasheng (Shenzhen) Electronic Co., Ltd.

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Professional Advantages

1.  We are a professional manufacturer with nearly 50 years’ experience in the electro-acoustic industry;

2.  A great variety of acoustic components for selection;

3.  OEM product is available;

4.  We have a trained and skilled staff to produce your goods properly to your requirements;

5.  A strong support by a professional R & D team;

6.  Direct sale without any dealer, which saves the intermediate cost, we pass on to our customer.

Services Advantages

1.  A reasonable price, speed delivery (generally: within 30 business days);

2.  A Professional logistic provider to handle your order via air freight, sea freight transport, express delivery;

3.  Reliable and consistent quality, for all outgoing product, we check from income material, test during production to final packing to ensure the quality;

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