Huasheng (Shenzhen) Electronic Co., Ltd.

Huasheng (Shenzhen) Electronic Co., Ltd.

Company History

The history of Huasheng Electronics can be traced back to 1960's, its former was Communication components Factory, founded in 1969, a state-owned company, mainly produced military telecommunication components such as telephone transmitter and receiver used for telephone handset, military walkie-talkies, tank crew helmet etc. Staff was up to 500 people at its peak. 

In 1976, the factory began to produce piezoelectric ceramic elements and was one of the few companies produced such products at that time, piezo loudspeaker was developed and became its milestone product, extensively used household nationwide then. Product line expands from telephone transmitter and receiver to dynamic and electromagnetic siren, piezo buzzer, loudspeaker etc. 

In 1980's, Huasheng introduced the rocking armature technology from UK and successfully developed rocking armature transducers used as receiver and microphone for telephony application.

In 1993-1998, worked with AAC technologies, Huasheng designed and developed telephone receiver and transmitter as well as siren transducer for them to explore European market and gained a great success in Europe. During five years, the quantity sold up to 2.5 million pieces of siren transducer to Europe. We played a big role in early phase of AAC development.

At the end of 1999, communication components factory became a private and shareholder company and its name changed to Huasheng Electronics Co., Ltd.

In 2002, we developed 38mm wide band frequency receiver (meets TIA-920) for Siemens wide band telephone, the wide band receiver was awarded first prize of the national science and technology progress Award and RMB2 million.


Huasheng has a strong technology background and rich experience in electro-acoustic industry and a full ranges of product lines. We have an in-depth understanding of electro-acoustic industry and have a good and solid knowledge, fundamental electro-acoustic technology, with this, puts us in the position among the best in electro-acoustic industry. From General Manager to technician, engineering staff etc all are an expert in electro-acoustics. With rich experience, we are capable to develop new products according to customer’s requirements, we provide from product design, mold design and tooling process, parts manufacturing, stamping, CNC process or heat treatment etc all in house, thus, we can well control and master project schedule, guarantee the quality of all parts and ensure delivery to accelerate development circle and control the cost.     



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